Shaker Farmhouse

Shaker Style Farmhouse, modern open floor plan downstairs, center hall stairs. These homes are sized around 2,400 sf and have 4 bedrooms.

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Our Shaker Farmhouse style takes the symmetrical, simple exterior of American Shaker architecture and updates the interior with an open floor plan. The envelope of this house is wonderfully austere, counter-intuitively making it look quite modern. Walk inside and you are greeted by a wide, open staircase, dividing the living room to the left and dining / kitchen spaces to the right. Upstairs, the layout offers is a great flow and generously sized rooms. Shaker Style Farmhouses from The Catskill Farms are between 2,200 and 2,500 sf. The magic is in its straight forwardness, an attribute that asks the buyer to be most restrained when altering, to be most cautious when ‘improving’, and to be most respectful when contemplating adding pizzazz on a palette of conservatism.

Farmhouse 63

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Stone Ridge Farmhouse

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