Front Dormer Farmhouse

Front Dormer Farmhouse with plenty of variants. Sized between 1,500 and 2,000 sf, these homes usually have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

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Like many of our homes, we are inspired by something we see, design and build it, and then play around with it for the decade.  Shrinking, expanding, leaving an almost Darwinian trail of gradual evolution.  The farm designs with the front dormer all started out as cottages, or small-scale farmhouses.  Their appeal led to conversations about how to adapt it for more families, leading to designs that took advantage of some simple tweak, to larger changes that pushed the house into brand new territory.

This design has been an American favorite since before the Sears & Roebuck house series of the 1920’s. This farmhouse works on both an aesthetic and functional level.  The smallest version is an adaption of a cottage, the larger versions merge the best of our classic farmhouse with our lofty barns. The homes tend to be ‘low slung’, close to the ground. They range from simple and entry level, to fancy and pimped out.  It’s a design that families can adapt to their upstate living goals.

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