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Designing and building new homes in Sullivan County and Ulster County (and now Dutchess County). They don’t need a kitchen update, or a bathroom makeover, or a new floor. They are fully personalized homes that are built in record time. Our two decade’s track record – ever growing – is the truest testament to our efforts, and our ability to satisfy the high standards our typical client come with.

Creating and maintaining complicated relationships with plumbers, heat guys and electricians is not everyone’s definition of a home-owning holiday.  That’s where we come in – weekend getaways that work, weekend getaways that work for you, not the other way around.

Good homes have a soul – and producing a home that inspires you each time you walk through the door is no easy feat.  But we’ve been doing that for twenty years throughout the Catskills real estate landscape.  Homes that inspire, homes with inherent value, homes with warranties and a builder’s commitment to provide a home that works.

And did I mention they resale well?  It’s a win, win, win, win, win.

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A Collection of Fifteen Unique Homes in North Branch, Sullivan County
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Ulster County Homes for Sale

Barn 42

Ranch 53

Barn 43

Ranch 51

Ranch 52

Sullivan County Homes for Sale

Sequoia - Ranch 58

Lower Big Sky - Barn 45

Barn 44

Ranch 49

Farm Meadows - Ranch 57

Fish Pond - Barn 46

Ranch 50

Dutchess County Homes for Sale

No homes available in this county
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