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When times are uncertain, Catskill Farms has always provided a safe haven — physically and financially. Well-priced homes with a long track record of robust resale values.  Shelter from the storm - be in literal or figurative.

Durable, good-looking homes with spaces and floor plans that inspire like only thoughtful architecture can. Not over-thought, not over-produced, not a copycat — original modest designs whose most crucial attribute revolves around restraint and simplicity, flow, and family.

Since 2002, our homes dot the country roads of Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess counties. Specializing in classic styles such as Farm Houses, Cottages, Barn Homes and Modern Ranches. We often say (after a few drinks) if it's good-looking, it's ours. 300 of them. Purchased, lived in, loved, sold, repeat. The eye-popping resale prices attest to the broad affection of our approach.

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Families are using our homes differently these days. With the advent of hybrid work, our homes have been put to the test as families spend more time upstate, and their lifestyle revolves even more around these homes we build.

Catskill Farms approaches the design-build process holistically (even though we aren't a big fan of that word). Everything we do, from the feeling our spaces emote to the comfort level our clients enjoy — before, during, and after the build — to the relationships we form along the way, is a testament to this approach. We consider every detail and attend to as many moving pieces as possible.

Catskill Farms has been designing, building, and selling neat homes in the Catskills since 2002. Our real estate reflects the region's architectural heritage, is inspired by a wide range of American influences and eras, and dots the landscapes of Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess Counties.

Simply put, no company has paired more families with good-looking and hard-working Hudson Valley homes than we have over the past 20 years. 250 and adding more every month. If you are looking for a home that works, inspires, or doesn't break the bank, Catskill Farms may be the upstate real estate choice for you, as it has been for so many.

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Our Story

19 years ago, Charles Petersheim left NYC for the tumbleweed towns of Western Sullivan County.  Inspired by the wind-swept prairie farmhouses and easily understood American Architecture that were found around the county, and somewhat conscious of the fact that the families he witnessed purchasing and then maintaining fixer uppers and this old house perhaps did not fully understand what they were signing up for, he embarked on his first new old farmhouse in 2002.  It took a while to build and complete.  It's still there - owned until recently by the same family that bought it 18 years ago.  A little more windswept, and very well-loved.

That was nearly 250 homes ago.  During that time, we've expanded our new homes into Ulster County and Dutchess County, improving their real estate options as well.  We've also developed a wide range of home styles, from our beloved farmhouses, to our well-received cottages, our not-too-dwell mid-century modern ranch homes, barns, mini-homes and other interesting architecture inspired by the Catskills.

It was never easy - lacking in experience, pooling from a shallow labor pool, selling into a very finicky marketplace, a global real estate collapse, hitting rock every time we put a shovel in the ground - but in the end, we are still here fighting the good fight for our clients each and every day.  Our efforts and judged and validated by all those country house porch lights that come on on a typical Friday night - one by one, in Towns as varied as Woodstock, Accord, Narrowsburg, Olivebridge, North Branch  and more - as families arrive for a little rest and relaxation in their Catskill Farms' home.

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