Classic Farmhouse

The Classic Farmhouse with flexible footprint. A true American classic. These 3-4-bedroom homes range from 1,800 to 2,500 sf and have a lot of porch.

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Ask anyone to draw a picture of a house, what would you expect so see? A square with a triangle on top, of course. Who wouldn’t immediately identify this home as classic, as mid-western, as American? As comfort-giving, easy to enjoy?  A classic American Farmhouse.

While many of our homes can be expanded and contracted, this design in particular can be inched up or down in size to match the needs of the homeowners.  By stretching it one way or the other – or both – this design has satisfied the goals – living goals and financial goals – of many of our farmhouse buyers.  The home feels substantial, with its tall roof lines, and we like to find a little knoll to accentuate that verticality even a little more.

The space opens with a large common first floor, sharing kitchen, dining and living room experiences. In many designs a bedroom or office tucked out back.  High ceilings that follow the roof lines define the 2nd floor, with large bedrooms with lots of glass, and multiple bathrooms.

Upper Big Sky Farmhouse 72

Schultz Hill - Farmhouse 70

Farmhouse 66

Farmhouse 59

Farmhouse 50

Farmhouse 31

Mitchell Farmhouse

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