Modern Ranches

Easily understood, fun spaces that work.

Modern Ranches

Easily understood, fun spaces that work.

Our Catskills Mid Century is less about glass houses and Dwell—style and more about the post-war need for affordable, useful, straight-forward housing. With our mid-century real estate at Catskill Farms, we took that working class/middle class suburban housing solution and tweaked it into a fun weekend home concept. A modern cabin in the woods.

Our Mid-Century modern ranch homes are less about cantilevered platitudes and more about a real house that succeeds with both form and function. Easily understood, fun spaces that work.

Catskill Farms has for 20 years decorated and dotted the countryside with thoughtful and respectful new construction in the Catskill counties of Ulster and Sullivan. Each home is paired well with an interesting piece of real estate, scouted, vetted and test driven by Founder Charles Petersheim, who has achieved 200+ successful pairings.

Driven with a simple passion for high ceilings, big windows, good land in good locations and a mantra of design restraint, the homes of Catskill Farms have been a crowd-pleaser and go-to choice of the Metro NYC crowd for 2 decades. Thoughtfulness has defined its entire journey.

Modern Ranch

Home Styles

Anatomy of a

Modern Ranch

Style Home

One level living with a master suite on the ground floor, more windows than walls, unobtrusive profile and footprint, a modern cabin in the woods. Shall we go on? Easy to furnish, easy to maintain, the Ranch house design ranges from the petite ‘mini’, to a sprawling, three bedroom, family-size home.

Clean Palettes

For interior designing with furniture and fixtures.

Ground Floor Buildout

Results in a comfortable descent into the 3rd bedroom and media spaces, in contrast with the 2nd floor experience.

Open Spaces

Define the experience of rooms with big volumes and elbow room, but inescapably, communal.

Catskill Farms Design Elements

Personalized Fixtures

From vintage farmhouse to clean and modern, the plumbing choices are varied to match the style.

Playful Lighting

Creative choices of lighting fixtures that match the style of your house.

Classic Doors

Upgraded choices of panels, sleek hardware or vintage handles tie together the style.

Customized Tiles

Eclectic, classic or sleek and modern, our interior designer will guide you through.

Stone Fireplaces

Showcase fireplaces with stone and vintage wood beam mantles.

Reclaimed Barnwood

Adding a wall of reclaimed barn wood brings in layers and texture to a modern home.

Clapboard Siding

Vertical or horizontal clapboard in a variety of colors, always real wood.

Statement Staircases

Modern staircases with cable rails, custom wood and open treads.