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If you are thinking of Dutchess County real estate, let us tell you what we know and have learned with our 3 year experiments of land buying and home building.

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Dutchess County Homes For Sale

Think of upstate New York real estate and few people wouldn’t think of Rhinebeck soon thereafter.  Right up there with Woodstock in name recognition, Rhinebeck and its sister Red Hook anchor Dutchess County real estate deep into the journals of visitors and home searchers.  Affluent, east of the river, quaint towns with tony private schools, well-combed hair and not a tie-dye in sight, Dutchess County is the Catskills' Hamptons.   Prices, however, and traffic, and taxes, and whatever other quality of life metric you endeavor to use, are much more digestible and humane with Dutchess County real estate compared to the East End of Long Island.

Catskill Farms' first foray into Dutchess County real estate was Country Living’s 2014 House of the Year – a real beauty just outside of Town.  Since then, we have built and sold 3 more homes and are half way through our 4th.  We love the open fields and mellow hills, old farms and vintage architecture.  Prices are in the $500k-$700k range and land can be hard to find, however, value holds up well, schools are excellent and this is one of the few upstate counties our clients can easily envision assimilating into full-time.

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