One Story Farmhouse

Vaulted farmhouse with cathedral ceilings. Show stopping great room with central fireplace. Expansive in size, these homes range from 2,200 to 3,600 sf and 3-4 bedrooms.

Sometimes a great design is all about the setting. These three homes were built for the landscape. Taking advantage of the wonderful views and amazing light that you get from living in a mountainous area. The angular interior designs allow the light to bounce around the house. This creates lots of opportunities for varying ceiling and wall materials to be used, juxtaposed and contrasted with each other and the sheet rock.

Typically defined by multiple first floor bedrooms and built out basements, the homes really are one-off creations based on some perceived market niche we saw at the time.  They were typically designed as we built them, discovering new opportunities for accents, glazing, or floor plan flow, spending a few quiet moments in the home, letting it inform us of what it wanted to be.

We don’t build many of these.  When we do one story, it tends to go ‘Modern Ranch.’   When we do vaulted, it tends to go ‘Barn.’  But these remain classic, and always inspire us.

Gardiner Farmhouse

Chapin Farmhouse

Farmhouse 04



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