Our Clients Say...

Builder Testimonials

“Chuck is upfront and clear in terms of the building process and what we could expect along the way.”

"The Catskill Farms team built us a beautiful house, and delivered it with two weeks to spare. We couldn't be happier with our experience!"

“Amanda (Project Manager) was extremely knowledgable, efficient, clear, thorough, kind, and always responsive. All of her design help along the way, and her communication on the process, what we could expect next, and anticipating challenges was invaluable.”
— Daniel, New York, NY

"We love the house and are very, very happy with the way it turned out!"

– Jeffrey and Karen, New York, NY

"We were really blown away by not just the house, but by the energy and excitement this new chapter in our lives will bring."

Thanks so much to you and your team for giving us this opportunity, and ensuring a robust, high-quality effort throughout the process."
– Jason and Keri, Brooklyn, NY

"... Amanda is wonderful.  She is thorough, detail-oriented and clear in her communication.  And, she manages all that while being friendly and upbeat."
– Colleen, Philadephia, PA

The community is really great and we love having the land.  It' was such a blessing to have it during the pandemic.

Thank you again for building a great house!
– Clark (and Jeff)

"I said it to Amanda already, you both have been amazing and couldn’t have been an easier process." 
– Nicola, New York, NY

"Thanks for always nudging us in the right direction... and for enabling us to take some a-typical risks, to truly make it our own."
Chris, New York, NY

"We are so impressed by the quality, the speed and the service that Catskill Farms delivered. "

Also, we want to give a shout-out to Amanda. We LOVED  working with her.  She just made the whole process so simple with her attention to detail and amazing follow up skills, done all with a smile on her face. "
– Spencer & Kristi, Brooklyn, NY

 "We want you both to know how much we love the cottage. It really is a beautiful house and we can't wait to spend time there. Thank you for all your hard work and support along the way. A big thank you to your crew Chuck, it all came together really well and the finishes are lovely. Amanda, a huge thank you to you for holding our hand, giving us great ideas and answering all our questions."

"You really made this a pain free and enjoyable process and we really enjoyed working with you."

– Bruce & June, Teaneck, NJ

"Amanda is fantastic and it is so fun to build your own home within Catskills Farms' guard rails. Truly. We are having so much fun!!!"

– Cara, White Plains, NY

 "Amanda was extremely patient, responsive, and not only answered our questions, but provided additional information that she thought would be helpful… she was truly a pleasure to work with. "

"…we really appreciated Dave's great work. He too not only has an amazing eye and provided such high quality work…"

"THANK YOU to you, Chuck, and your incredible team members, Amanda and Dave, and I'm sure the many others we didn't get to meet but played a part in building our beautiful house."

– Kristen & Paul, New York, NY

 I’ve reached out to Amanda...her responsiveness has been amazing.  ...I wanted to let you know that we appreciate your team’s taking care of people like us who are 9 years past the construction and purchase phase.

Please know Catherine and I are very impressed with her performance and attentiveness.
– David

"Our little cottage in Narrowsburg has been a sanctuary for us more than ever."
– Rob & Russ

 "…thank you again for our beautiful home - we are full-timers right now given COVID-19, and we feel so lucky to have escaped from the city. We are really enjoying our time up here."
– Jenna

 "It’s been a great experience - you have an amazing team behind you. Couldn’t be happier with the house.  Thanks again!"
– Jenn & Mike

"Thank you Chuck for all of your and your company’s hardwork. To say we’re thrilled beyond belief is an understatement."
– Eric

"We will be coming up on our 6th year anniversary in our beautiful home...We love it more and more with each passing day."

– Ayse

"Your houses are awesome… you guys do great work .. keep it up bud. 😎🤙"
– Bill, Downsville, NY