Charming country homes with cozy spaces.


Charming country homes with cozy spaces.

Our newly built cottages – a staple of our efforts since we rolled out the first one pre-‘08 recession,  were intended as an antidote to the bigger-is-better mentality. Catskill Farms Cottages are Handsome, with a sense of dignity and gracefulness; Distinctive, with a sense of individualism and charm; Substantial, gaining its strength from its harmony and its recognizable position in American architectural tradition.

A cottage is a perfect vacation home. Affordable. Easy to maintain. Easy to lock the door behind you and come back in a few weeks.

We’ve had a lot of fun with our cottages since 2008, designing and building more than 50 of them throughout the Sullivan Catskills, Ulster County, Woodstock and Hudson Valley areas. These homes satisfied a niche in the real estate market that was unknown and unfilled. Who would want a two bedroom and 1300 sq ft?  Turns out, quite a few folks, and they couldn’t find it anywhere. For a second home buyer, cottages are affordable to purchase, affordable to operate, affordable to maintain, easy to clean, and easy to lock the door behind you and come back in a few weeks. A feel-good utilitarian home where space is precious and well used.  Our cottages offer a sense of economy and non-wastefulness.  A sense of modesty and appropriateness.  Fancy, clever, and prized – with no hint of ostentatiousness to be found.  Many buyers finish off the basements for a little extra room, either during initial construction or soon after.

Catskill Farms has for 20 years decorated and dotted the countryside with thoughtful and respectful new construction in the Catskill counties of Ulster and Sullivan. Each home is paired well with an interesting piece of real estate, scouted, vetted and test driven by Founder Charles Petersheim, who has achieved 200+ successful pairings.

Driven with a simple passion for high ceilings, big windows, good land in good locations and a mantra of design restraint, the homes of Catskill Farms have been a crowd-pleaser and go-to choice of the Metro NYC crowd for 2 decades. Thoughtfulness has defined its entire journey.


Home Styles

Anatomy of a


Style Home

A cottage home offers a small version of a traditional style. Most of our cottages are under 1,300 square feet. A wonderful size for a true vacation home. Cute as a button, neat as a pin. Offering just enough space on the inside.

A Place For Everything...

And everything in its place. Cottage designs incorporate creative, simple and elegant storage solutions.

Big Porch Style

Our cottage homes often include huge porches to expand living space during warm months.

Cozy Interiors

The Cottage homes are often smaller scale versions of other styles. The interiors are cozy and easy to maintain.

Catskill Farms Design Elements

Personalized Fixtures

From vintage farmhouse to clean and modern, the plumbing choices are varied to match the style.

Playful Lighting

Creative choices of lighting fixtures that match the style of your house.

Classic Doors

Upgraded choices of panels, sleek hardware or vintage handles tie together the style.

Customized Tiles

Eclectic, classic or sleek and modern, our interior designer will guide you through.

Stone Fireplaces

Showcase fireplaces with stone and vintage wood beam mantles.

Reclaimed Barnwood

Adding a wall of reclaimed barn wood brings in layers and texture to a modern home.

Clapboard Siding

Vertical or horizontal clapboard in a variety of colors, always real wood.

Statement Staircases

Modern staircases with cable rails, custom wood and open treads.