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Upstate New York Homes in Hudson Valley

Our recently sold homes we build in Sullivan County, Ulster County and now Dutchess County showcase our catskills real estate efforts. Month after month, year after year, decade after decade we have been designing, producing and delivering cool upstate homes to cool Hudson Valley families.

It's not easy - we have the weather, we have a shallow labor pool, we have challenging terrain, and understaffed building departments.  But with a team personally assembled by owner Chuck Petersheim over two decades, no company is producing more reliable catskills homes and cabins than Catskill Farms.

Middle Pasture - Barn 47

Lower Pasture - Ranch 60

Barn 44

Schultz Hill - Farmhouse 70

Fish Pond - Barn 46

Lower Big Sky - Barn 45

Ranch 56

Narrowsburg Modern Ranch

Farm Meadows - Ranch 57

Ranch 54

Ranch 52

Ranch 53

Barn 42

Barn 43

Ranch 51

Ranch 50

Barn 41

Barn 39

Ranch 48

Farmhouse 67

Barn 38

Farmhouse 65

Ranch 47

Farmhouse 66

Ranch 46

Farmhouse 60

Farmhouse 63

Ranch 44

Barn 37

Barn 36

Farmhouse 59

Farmhouse 64

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