9 New Homes in the Heart of The Catskills

BREAKING NEWS - New Homes Priced between $750,000-$1,000,000.  Catskill Farms supplies their thoughtfully hand-picked land, their durable homes and time-tested design collaboration process.

Catskill Farms is excited to bring 9 new best-in-class land parcels onto the market, after more than a year of study and engineering.  These types of land parcels are rare and hard to find in Ulster County these days and we at Catskill Farms took a good hard look at the marketplace and attempted to design a project that checks as many boxes as possible for our future buyers/partners.  

What boxes are those, you may ask - Well, it starts with the general area, and it doesn't get any better than this Olivebridge/Kerhonkson locale.  We look for interesting but gentle terrain.  Good soils.  Internet access.  Ability to offer private, usable acreage to each homeowner.  Flexible land that supports all of our design approaches be it Ranches, Farmhouses, or Barns.

Land prices in Ulster County have exploded, and these parcels - bought at the right price, and thoughtfully engineered - will allow Catskill Farms to offer our homes at significantly lower prices than other new construction.  Like Chuck often says, anyone can design build and sell at house at $1,500,000. The challenge is to do that at half that price tag.  It's something Catskill Farms does well and most importantly, has been doing for 20 years.  It leaves a lot of value on the table for our buyers, and that is shown repeatedly when our clients resell their homes pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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