A collection of fifteen unique homes in North Branch, Sullivan County, New York.

In a real estate landscape where homes and land selections are depleted and quality is in short supply, we present Crest Lane.  I’ve been scouting, evaluating, rejecting and buying land for 20 years – I have never before had this type of quality of land to pair with our homes.

Crest Lane in North Branch, will combine 2 Sullivan County traditions – best in class land and an assortment of Catskill Farms’ homes.  Ranging from 3-6 acres, with attributes such as views and water, this collection of homes will serve as a terrific home base for work,play, rural child-raising and Hudson Valley exploration. 

Most of the land is adaptable to a wide-range of design styles, and will support secondary projects like garages and pools. 

Think of the Crest as nothing more than a blank palette for your upstate ambitions, a collective and collection of like-minded families who share an address but do their own thing.

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