Our Process

Just smoooooth sailing.

Sold Homes and Portfolio of Designs
Step #1 – Drool over website offerings.
Step #2 – Shoot me an email.
Step #3 – Come up and visit
Step #4 – Experience the only real estate in the world where the real thing is better than the professional photography.
Step #5 – Pick a house style from one of our original designs and marry it with a great piece of land.
Step #6 – Get Building.
Step #7 – Live Happily Ever After.

Financing – Catskill Farms pays for EVERYTHING until the home is finished. Our buyers purchase a finished home from us – we build their custom home on our dime and deliver it finished.

No construction financing. No daily conversations about billings and payments. Just smoooooth sailing.

We also do renovations and additions for those of you who have pre-existing homes.

Design, building and contracting service available also