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Old School Real estate blog in the Catskills. Journeys, trial, tribulations, observations and projects of Catskill Farms Founder Chuck Petersheim. Since 2002, Catskill Farms has designed, built, and sold over 250 homes in the Hills, investing over $100m and introducing thousands to the areas we serve. Farms, Barns, Moderns, Cottages and Minis - a design portfolio which has something for everyone.

May 22, 2022

Selling Homes in the Catskills - Olivebridge and Saugerties

We have just sold a bunch of houses and bunch more to go. They got clustered some how, which makes a tough process even tougher. Lot's of people involved in the end who really weren't present much during the process - bank inspections, home inspections, homeowner inspections, building department review, certificate of occupancy requests. Lots of requests to lots of different people with interdependent and sequential deliverables. No bank underwriting finalization without CO, no CO with board of health, no homeowner or home inspections with everything being complete. And of course everyone's pushing to get it closed.

We are pretty good at it, and we tend to be able to foresee the problems before they arrive, being a been there done that type of process. Basically, you can't assume anything will go off as it should, without the help, assistance or guidance from the team at Catskill Farms. It ain't easy, but it needs to be done.

Ranch 52, Saugerties NY.

Barn 43, Olivebridge NY.

Barn 42, Olivebridge NY

Ranch 53, Olivebridge NY

The 3 Olivebridge houses are a result of a piece of land I bought, already subdivided, and subsequently built 3 homes there. Pretty good project that went well. Buyers ended up with a lot equity when we were done, since prices just keep climbing for these homes of ours, basically the most sought after homes in the Catskills. We bought the land last spring, as rumors of a vaccine and return to the office were circulating, so it was a gamble, not knowing if life was going to return to normal in terms of 5 days at the office. We now know that may never happen, and that is a good piece of knowledge to have, since hybrid work is a boon for Catskill Farms and the hardworking people of the Catskill.s

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