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February 22, 2024

Reflections on the Catskill Farms v. Corby Baumann lawsuit

I guess you could say I had my fun, and after some reflection I'm going to - As Abe Lincoln said after the Civil War, towards the Confederate soldiers - I'm going let Mr Weissman up easy and unpublish the posts about him. Not delete, mind you, but unpublish. When I was taking up 3 of his top 5 results on Google after 4 days, to be honest, I felt bad. I know a lot of people will be disappointed, and will miss that funny post about him with the pics that told the whole story, but let's not be mean here.

I sort of achieved my goals anyway when he turned our Judge onto my blog, where I think I represent myself honestly, tell the story of this case from my lens, outline my efforts in the community for 20 years quite well. Who knows, maybe the Judge's staff, clerks, spouses and colleagues now check my blog out on occasion. Who knows, maybe we can even now use that as evidence at trial - the situation, exactly as I see it.

Sun Tzu would be proud.

What I noticed, with my other 5 other blog posts that I wrote but did not publish but could at anytime, ((believe me, they are as informative as they are fun)- was this situation is so absurd and illogical that it provides endless inspiration - not necessarily in a completely healthy way - for a writing brain. Might just be better to shelf it, and get on with it.

We have a great breach of contract lawsuit that is heading to trial that we are going to win, and it all started because this lawyer didn't have the skills to bring the parties together 15 months ago. Filing a 77 page brief with a bunch of mis-representations as his first communication with our new Judge - well, I'm no lawyer, but that seems sort of reckless and poorly thought out. Unfortunately, he can't unpublish that. It's just a shame that his clients have to bear the brunt of this 15 months of mis-calculation, in my opinion.

Although, lets be honest, I'm still stunned Mr Weissman asked a US Judge to suspend the first amendment of the Constitution for him. I mean, Wow. No wonder we are where we are if the guy thinks like that.

I keep running out of these stickers.

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