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September 7, 2022

Rain, The Crest, and Barn 46 Sells

It finally rained.  It hadn’t rained for more than 30 minutes since maybe May.  It’s now been raining since Friday.  A steady rain, just exactly the penetrating, consistent rainfall one hopes for when it has been dry for so long but rarely gets.  Typically it comes too hard too fast for the ground to absorb (I would say 'that's what she said' but my Maturity (with a hard first T) has left such thoughts far in the past).  But not this one - still raining and it’s Wednesday morning.  I literally can see my parched yard turning green and the thirsty bushes growing.  My yard was one large brown sheet of dead blades of grass, turning what is usually vibrantly colored yard into a brownish monotony.

It’s the pace that is sort of amazing.  A slow steady rain that picks up its pace on occasion but never comes with enough velocity to roll right off the ground into the sewer grates.  It’s welcome for sure, and even though it complicates our lives as builders, it is welcome.

The weather system also brought with it cooler temperatures, our first taste of fall.  Ferns go first, then the leave color and start to drop.  Just last week I was noticing colored leaves dropping, and deduced it was the drought not the forthcoming autumn that pulled them from their branches. It would be a wonderful world indeed if the backdrop of climate disaster for future generations, if not ours, wasn’t leaving hard to ignore tells all over the place.  The heat in Cali, god the floods in Pakistan where 1/3 of that poor country is under water.  I’m not sure which hell I would pick - being wet and flooded, or hot and endangered, because they are both unmanageable in a very short amount of time.

Our third home sells today at the Crest - since we purchased that project last year (or was it 2 years ago - Covid confused time) - we’ve had hard to argue success repositioning this project, where the previous owners lost their momentum years ago.  We’ve sold 7 pieces of land, put 10 under contract, and invested about $5,000,000 so far.  An incredible array of diverse families moving in, and a telltale of pandemic affects (or is it ‘effects’ (too early to care)), half are planning to be there full-time.  Should be a great place to live.

This home, a Barn on 5 acres, built on a rock ledge, with a big pond included.  3 floors of living.  4 bedrooms with at least 1 on each floor.  Big views.  Just an extraordinary piece of real estate ass.

Barn 46

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