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Old School Real estate blog in the Catskills. Journeys, trial, tribulations, observations and projects of Catskill Farms Founder Chuck Petersheim. Since 2002, Catskill Farms has designed, built, and sold over 250 homes in the Hills, investing over $100m and introducing thousands to the areas we serve. Farms, Barns, Moderns, Cottages and Minis - a design portfolio which has something for everyone.

February 3, 2023

New Design Partner

I find myself writing whenever I have a complex problem to solve. The focus and regurgitation of thoughts from pen to paper is a process that helps me work through a problem. Always has been that way. The ability to think something through, toy with it, reshape it and write about has always served me well. I always write more when things go sideways.

The thing about business, at least my business, there's always a push and a pull, a ying and a yang. Right now, Amanda's leaving us, but I put $2,200,000 into contract over the last 10 days and have another $2.2 likely coming down the pike. I've interviewed and hired some really fascinating people. And I zero'ed in and now working with a very aligned design group out of the Baltimore area.

Her work, Inhabit Interiors, is a lot like ours, and truth be told, most of design work has always been done remotely, from the Catskill Farms/Client perspective. So not a lot will change except this group will bring a whole new set of modern skills to a process that might have become stuck in its own success lane. Reinvention is critical.

One thing this unexpected hurdle has provided me, is the opportunity to look across the company and decide what I want it to look like 5 years from now and, what part of Amanda's job can be delegated and outsourced, creating a more redundant, fire-proof company.

Another thing it has provided me is a lot less sleep - I'm up early thinking things through.

I can hear the wind howling; it's supposed to -5 today. 2022/2023 has been a mild winter, but for at least today, it's ferocious.

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