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May 30, 2021

Memorial Day Washout

Wow, what a weekend washout. We needed rain bad, real bad, up and down the east coast where I have some projects. We were trying to get grass to grow at 3 homes in Phoenixville and get some transplanted trees and landscaping to take root at my home here in Milford. Conversely, the dry weather has been a bonanza for progress on the construction front since mud and rain are our enemy. So, for it to rain from late day Friday to Mid-Day Monday allowed me to breath a sigh of relief for my plantings (and gave my wells a break) while not skipping a beat on the construction projects. I also spent the weekend holed up with my son, brainstorming on some marketing ideas for our 300 acres in North Branch. Rarely does 3 days offer such opportunity for non-distracted thought.

And there was no hedging it. It was serious shitty weather. Cold, constant rain, all day. It wasn't as if the sun popped out and then went in. Maybe that was for the best - to kill hope early, and let people adjust their plans.

Kind of hurtful, just when the pandemic rules were loosened, to have a solid weekend of lost leisure and business. Though, maybe it was for the best, - with the mask rules rescinded, and lots of unvaccinated people running around, maybe it's best we all just stayed home.

My son and I are working on a massive Range Rover lego project - the instruction manual is 500+ pages. It's one of those old school original Rover's, and, though the motor doesn't actually start, everything else does including the shocks, steering wheel, front tow rope, etc... We've gone through lots of emotions during our 20+ hours so far, and probably have another 20+ hours to go. High victory, low defeat, turning on each other, regrouping. As long as we reconcile throughout the journey, it will have been a great father and son adventure. Lucas found an Ogor to drive the wheel-less vehicle.

Pole barns are amazing structures. Ours went up in a jiffy.

New pole barn in Cochecton NY.

And some pics of the glorious land we purchased in North Branch. Some of the most magical and inspiring land I've ever owned. (I have a lot more photos but damn blog is saying they are 'too large' to post).

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