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August 5, 2023

Houses under construction

Boy, time flies when you are aren't blogging, creating an unacceptable span between posts -

Might as well do a blog about my houses, right?  And not just stream of consciousness of random thoughts.  Though there is no lacking in random thoughts- just this week I had an encounter with a Jennifer Ward of Indendence Missouri through an online digital freelance portal that connects “talent” with “businesses”.  I’ve had some good luck with it, a few relationship forged there are 5+ years.  This one with Jenn definitely won’t be of them.  I really can’t quite figure it out - she was hired to do some MLS data entry work, didn’t do any of it, then freaked out when she wasn’t paid in full, having a full blown tantrum on social media review sites.  Whatever, but I’m not sure why she thought you get paid for not living up to your word. And if she would have spent half the creative energy on the work she was hired for as she did in her subsequent attacks on us, she would've been considered a talented individual. It's always the smallest amounts that seem to have the biggest rage attached to them -a little counterintuitive.

It’s always a head scratcher when we we get attacked like this - let lie (lay?), attack back, settle, rally the troops.  Each case is individual, but what is definitely true that if someone gets too aggressive and nasty, I only have one mode and that’s to hit back with the bigger club.    The problem with hitting back too hard is I end up feeling bad for these people since they really don’t know what they are starting, and rarely are they prepared for a pushback.  Actually, the worst part was looking her up on the internet and finding out more about this person acting like a lunatic and then getting aggressively spammed by the 'people finder' websites repeatedly forever.

We got a ton of houses going - 

Micro Cottage 6, in Narrowsburg. For Sale.

720 sq ft of Magic.

A 500 sq ft studio house in Narrowsburg. For Sale.

Shack 2

A 10 acre complex with house, garage, covered cabana and pool. Part fields, part woods, and a big view. Up at da Crest. For Sale.

Barn at the Crest.

Farm 74 at Ashokan Acres in Olivebridge, for sale.

Farm 74

A new Ranch in Narrowsburg, for sale.

A Ranch in Narrowsburg that will sell in a week or two.

Narrowsburg Ranch, can't remember the number.

A 2300 sq ft Barn home in Olivebridge on Lot 3. For sale.

Barn 54.

Lulu checking out Ranch 62 in Narrowsburg.

Ranch 62.

Kirsten from the office (right) and the future homeowner to be.

And the house we are building in Copake, Columbia County.

And that doesn't include the Wanger house, and 7 lots we are clearing and installing driveways. Lots of progression. Lots of cash coming and going.

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