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Old School Real estate blog in the Catskills. Journeys, trial, tribulations, observations and projects of Catskill Farms Founder Chuck Petersheim. Since 2002, Catskill Farms has designed, built, and sold over 250 homes in the Hills, investing over $100m and introducing thousands to the areas we serve. Farms, Barns, Moderns, Cottages and Minis - a design portfolio which has something for everyone.

April 3, 2021

Fire Side Chats, By Chuck

Bypassing the written form as of late, I've taken to doing some videos, which actually capture the essences of my business message of that day a lot better than the written form, if for no other reason because you can chase and roll out complimentary themes and ideas as you free verse - whereas, in the written form, not only is that a big effort to go off on tangents, from a purely mechanical perspective, most people can't be expected to read that much prose.

Catskill Farms' Owner Chuck Petersheim and his insights into Time and Opportunity

Catskill Farms' Owner Chuck Petersheim shares some thoughts on recent sales, the year that was, and honest dealings.

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