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February 21, 2021

Farm 59, SOLD, Narrowsburg

Farm 59 left the Ranch today, to a sweet couple whose male component had been searching and pecking and almost buying for 8 years.  Then he found us, and we found a way to make it happen.

This house's first version was a cottage, over on Tuthill Road, back in the late aughts I believe, but we found a way to turn it into a 1500 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath farmhouse a few years ago, and then selected it for this plot back last summer.  

It's fun pairing homes and land.  Some land is quite versatile, and some land is quite specific.  Not specific in a bad way, but just requires a certain home to really work well.  And some homes need something specific to make it work to, like a sloping grade for ranches in order to make the ground floor feel well-lit and liveable.  If it feels like a basement, we've failed.  And we don't fail.  We might get knocked around, but we get back up.  I always get back up.

A few of the homes over on this section of Maple Lane are more or less sitting on rock, and are somewhat flat, so we opted to use crawl spaces instead of full basements.  Worked out pretty good - still room for all the mechanicals and even nice storage, but you don't have to do that man vs rock effort that isn't fun for anyone - not the excavator who has pound through it, not us whose every move is complicated, and not the client who ends up paying for a lot of it.

It's our 3rd closing in February, and we just consummated I believe 5 new deals and 2 more in the hopper.  Since my office team is so excellent, I'm focused on scouting and hiring, and my new floor scrubbing detail of punchlist and warranty stuff - 'keep you honest and humble' exercises.  Plus, who knows, maybe I'll find unexpected fulfillment in paint touchups and leaky faucets and poorly installed toilets rather than selling a million dollars of real estate a week like I have been doing.

New house that just went up. You may be thinking, "Wow, I guess Chuck figured out the picture thing he was going on about in the last blog'.

That would be incorrect - I have to write this somewhere else, import the photos to that blog post, then cut and paste it to this one. Yeah, I know, you'd think I would have the ability to hurdle this one, but not yet. Still trying...