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February 5, 2024

Endurance vs Perserverance

Endurance v Perserverance

I’ve discussed at length the journey of then and now; in fact have been discussing it for over 20 years in various forms.  I’ve remarked often on the attributes that have allowed me to stay in the game for so long when most people burn out, make a decision they can’t unwind, or go down an unwise path of no return - or worse, maybe a return but really slow with all sorts of life-altering opportunity costs as the days pass and you are backtracking noisily.

But a friend was talking about me in this regard and she used the word endurance, rather than what I was calling perseverance,  and I thought it over and really liked it better.  Perseverance has that element of ‘woe is me’, ‘look at me and how hard I’m working’ - sort of like ‘rescuing a dog’ from the pound.  In my 30’s when I heard that for the first time, first I didn’t understand what it was, and then 2, thought is was some sort of special case - rather than what it was, which was getting a dog from the kennel or pound or shelter or wherever.  Growing up with lots of animals and lots of relatives and lots of adopted dogs, the sense of hero-hood just wasn’t how we looked at it.  It was a dog, and we liked it, and we took it home.

Same for the word perseverance.  It has that ‘hero-hood’ feeling to it.  Sort of like I’d be doing something else if I could.

Now endurance, now that’s a man’s word.  Grit your teeth and soldier on.  There is no sense of ill-begotten plight.  It’s a purposeful, dedicated effort that you outmuscle whatever comes your way, not with your tail between your legs as you crawl under the covers after another horrid day of risk, problem-solving, and poor results, but with a sense of confidence that you can outmuscle, outsmart, and perhaps most importantly, outlast any problem.

How you frame the situation, and the words you use, not only define the situation, but define how you think and feel about the situation.  Frame it as an effort you direct and that has power to it - frame it as events happening to you, and that has less power.

Perseverance seems more fragile, like you are only one big smack aside the head before you throw up your hands and call it day.  

Endurance - that’s just not a trait you want to see in an adversary, opponent or enemy - cause you know you in for a long fight, and you know the guy’s not going to quit. With enough endurance, and an active creative strategic mind, and ability to put in 16 hours of mind work for 22 years - that’s a type of fortitude you just don’t want to run into, whether you are an inanimate problem to be solved, or an adversary looking to duel it out.

Endurance, it’s a good word.  Most people I surround myself with have great endurance.

Farm 74 just went into contract. That's 5 of 9 now at our project in Olivebridge. Another one cooking right behind it.

I spent the night at Farm 74 Saturday night. I don't often do it, but when I can, I like to. No better way to make sure everything is running well than to sit quietly for a few hours in a home. I went to a disco party up the street at Inness Hotel in Accord and didn't want to drive the whole way home, plus had a meeting up there on Sunday, plus needed some time inside each home, which I've been doing a lot as we pick up steam.  The twin air mattress - air mattresses a bit challenging under all circumstances - made more complicated by a dog insisting that the hard wood floor was no place for man's best friend.

The idea that Inness even exists, in Accord NY, high end and fun, challenges my sense of reality, having been up here working for 2 decades in a landscape that only could have recently even dreamt of supporting something like that.

My weekend job site visit list - doesn't include any sales, financials, HR, marketing, and the other 50 things we do to keep it going -




GARAGES, slabs

Brian - 

  • CES
  • Remove gas tanks from
  • Lr23, 16, 17, A4
  • Hook up gas at LR16
  • Inventory management
  • Cable rails
  • View parts, pieces
  • Misc in receiving area


  • Where do decision pdf’s live?
  • Let’s review
  • Kitchen reviews
  • A5
  • A6
  • A7
  • Wanger


  • Zobaer sliding door tracks
  • A3 water good
  • A4 water keep running in lower bath
  • George truck out of the way
  • Pick up hoses
  • Gas hoses at a4
  • Nice curve on A4 shelves



  • A4 shed
  • A3 finish


  • Keep A5 as is windows


  • A6
  • Septic 
  • Well line
  • Gas tank 
  • Driveway
  • ALL
  • Transformer backfills
  • Mud skim coat

Clarke - 

  • LR 16 
  • Water, run through house
  • Hot water
  • Has anyone shocked LR23 water
  • LR 17, PAPER OUT


  • A3 finish
  • LR17 finish
  • Eg19 rough
  • Black vent covers for exterior

General Scheduling

  • Bertram A5
  • BCS A3
  • Check weather
  • Electric Apps
  • Crest 2
  • EG19
  • WO 25
  • WO 26
  • A1
  • A2


  • Microwave, appliance completion
  • CO package and Inspection
  • Shock well
  • Water test, etc…
  • Shed 
  • Painting
  • Flooring?
  • 2 lights
  • Exterior
  • Grading and grass
  • Fix up driveway
  • Shed approach
  • Drainage by driveway
  • Transformer filling
  • Septic pump box
  • Cleanout handle
  • Run all appliances
  • RHE
  • Chandelier extra linkage
  • Shed lights
  • Fan remotes
  • Screens
  • James
  • Gather gas and electric hoses
  • Run water from downstairs bath faucet
  • Tito once more
  • Figure out
  • Radon schedule
  • Blower door schedule


  • HVAC startup
  • Sourcing
  • Door knobs, interior
  • Exterior front door knob
  • 1st floor half bath vanity
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Rail and post system
  • Screens
  • Kitchen
  • Counter
  • Bifold hardware
  • ½ door hardware?
  • Review billings
  • Questions
  • Upstairs bedroom downloads too low
  • Bulb wattage
  • Line up Bertram
  • Confirm Lenny
  • Kitchen shelves?
  • Hood available?
  • Punch
  • Rail and post system
  • All shelves installed
  • Kitchen installed
  • 2nd floor bath vanity mirror
  • Scaffolding out
  • Mudroom door
  • Get rid of 1 light exterior door
  • Exterior hardware, front door
  • Chandelier bulbs
  • Mudroom bifold
  • Half door hardware x 3
  • Tub protection out
  • MBR bathcap
  • Laundry counter
  • Collect remotes
  • Build small box around drain pipe 2nd floor bath/closet
  • Appliance delivery
  • RHE
  • LR Fan, etc..
  • Bulbs for chandelier
  • Piece missing mbr light?
  • 2nd floor bath vanity light
  • BFS front door pickup


  • Dark wall upgrades?
  • Selection sheets update
  • Well pump, etc..
  • Fireplace stone
  • Cable rail exterior
  • Bertram?  Colors?
  • Keep shed windows as is.
  • Shed steps
  • Fix chimney leak
  • Salvaged issue?
  • Stair pieces in?
  • Window in when?
  • Window trim piece
  • Entry Stone


  • Paints
  • Pool
  • Clearing
  • Set
  • Dryer Duct
  • Fireplace - fireplace stone
  • Cracked window?
  • Front stairs


  • Fireplace stone
  • Sheetrock
  • Flooring schedule
  • Mike - FS
  • Finish siding
  • Foundation stone
  • Inspection after fireplace
  • Cover basement floors
  • Peel off window plastic


  • Submit plans
  • Redo plans with Vincent
  • Order windows?
  • Septic line placement?


  • Resubmit plans
  • Order windows ?
  • Septic line placement?


  • Electric app
  • Plans to Dean


  • Electric app
  • Plans to Dean


  • Gas range
  • Driveway drainage
  • Meter fence protection
  • Check in with Bob
  • Is AC working?
  • Gas tanks out


  • Dryer
  • Fireplace
  • What do with it?
  • Cleaning
  • Well line protection
  • Light in Bathroom
  • Backsplash and shelves
  • Gas tanks out
  • Downrod
  • Black flood light


  • Fireplace caulking 
  • Backsplash sketch and approval
  • We should be there
  • Cabinet arrival
  • All appliances run?
  • White vent cap
  • Clean up outside
  • Final cleaning
  • Final CO meeting
  • Final charges
  • Shock well?
  • Dumpster out


  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Fireplace details


  • Mechs
  • King plan
  • Alert subs for 
  • Insulation
  • FP
  • Sheetrock
  • Siding, when?
  • Eric, When?
  • Electric APP
  • Cracked window
  • Concrete floor pockmarked
  • Kitchen measure?

WO 24

  • Pricing
  • Plans
  • BP


  • Plans to Wanger
  • Electric APP

WO 26

  • Plans to Wanger
  • Electric APP


  • Box Brownie, gas tanks
  • A9 MLS
  • Mailbox
  • Utilities
  • LR16
  • LR23
  • A4 mortgage
  • Picture management
  • Stewart pricing
  • HOA insurances
  • Thursday meetings
  • 615 submittals

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