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December 28, 2021

Danger of Finish Line Expectation

In my mind, September 2021 was the end of the pandemic sprint - from 2020 through the 3rd quarter of 2021 we embarked on a grand adventure of doubling in size while confronting endless challenges and obstacles, many never navigated before.  We had planned on delivering 10 finished homes to waiting buyers from September to December and were looking forward to the deflation of the mind-bending effort it took the team to get there.  But it was not to be.   Like the tik-tok guy that randomly pops up in my feed, an army ranger or navy seal, who tells the story of the foolhardy recruits who manage their mental stamina by counting on a predictable finish line, only for the instructor to continue the training, the run, the lifting, the swim, the sleepless drill long past what was expected - teaching the recruits that counting on, feeding off the ‘finish line’ can be dangerous and deadly, since allowing the mind to begin to relax creates a situation doubly difficult to reignite from.

Same for us, same for me.  September was my month to throttle down, though we had plenty of work ahead of us, the really heavy lift and risk was behind us.  But then Ida came, and poured 110,000 gallons of water into a home I own near Valley Forge PA.  And a lead man quit without notice.  And I caught covid.  And a guy I hired who I think will be quite valuable is going to take a lot more mentorship than I expected, then I caught a cold which was twice as bad since no one got sick last year.  Even though vaccinated, then I got covid which kicked my ass.  And I sold another 4 homes to be built.

So, the moral or summary of the story is don’t expect the finish line, since if doesn’t come, and you don’t have any gas in the tank, the risk is real.

Now it’s December 28th.   I’m in Miami with Lucas.  The sprint did come to an end, it just wasn’t when I was expecting it, and there was no victory without being able to find those reserves to see us through.

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