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December 5, 2021

Covid, cold, booster and writing

Wow, got a serious cold in early November which I guess was doubly bad since no one got sick last year, then I got covid which sucked even though I'm vaccinated and in few high risk situations, then I got my booster which knocked me on my ass. But I swear, over the Christmas holidays I will catch up on this damn anchor around my ankle.

I've been writing for The River Reporter, a small newspaper in Narrowsburg. I donate my pay to the Narrowsburg food pantry. First few articles were about a masking debate at the Delaware Valley School District, not because I'm a fanatic one direction or another, but because that was the school board top du jour for a month. Here are the articles written to date -

DV Board, Admin spar over Mask

Mask policy sows confusion

DV moves past mask debate

Judge pauses new DV mask policy

DV challenges its own expert

DV reward pandemic leaders

The changing face of masking

Multi-pronged attack on masking

Milford Columns, expanded

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