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March 25, 2023

Big Sky Montana, and another home sold

In Big Sky Montana, for our yearly (last 3 years) trip to Big Sky via Bozeman.  Tip - if you decide to map out Long Term Parking at Newark, don’t search for the business Long Term Parking, since you can trust me when I tell you, it’s not the official ‘economy parking’ lot - it’s actually another business altogether not that close to the airport, in a pretty sketch part of Newark.  You actually want to search for ‘economy parking lot’ at Newark.

So 5:30am in dark, we end up god knows where as we arrive at Long Term Parking, a little late for my comfort for our 7:15 flight out of Terminal A and realize this isn’t where we want to be.  I’ve been to Newark dozens of times, so I had a good idea of the error, and the early identification and pivot saved us, though left us parking at the new parking garage at Terminal A so we will see what the damage is when we get back.  Won’t be pretty.  Probably a mortgage payment, if I had a mortgage payment.

Big Sky is a little less than an hour outside of Bozeman, a pretty drive.  Lone Peak, the 11,000 ft mountain, is a grand mountain that is skiable on 3 sides and literally has something for everyone’s ability.  Snowed today, really snowing tonight, so it’s a bit of a winter wonderland, fresh powder experience, and even though we are expert skiers we are good enough to appreciate some fresh powder.

It’s fun having Lucas along - missing 3 days of school and approaching truancy because I keep taking him out for these little trips. ‘That will go down on your permanant record’ - I think that’s a Pink Floyd song.  Actually now thinking about it, it’s the Violent Femmes.

On the homes front, we sold a Big Ranch on 10 acres with woods, pasture and a stream running through it. Named West Fields, it was a collaboration between Amanda and me and it was one of the those ranches we don't build that often but has a lot going for it, including a primary suite on the 2nd floor of the home.

And a picture worth a thousand words of our efforts up in North Branch.

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