Catskills Real Estate in Upstate New York – Sullivan County Homes

For less than the cost of a NYC parking spot, our Upstate New York farmhouses and cottages are the perfect choice for a Catskill mountain getaway.  Just as importantly, our Catskill real estate and homes are located a short 100 miles outside the city. Check out our Vimeo and YouTube channels to learn more.

An old American house has always symbolized a simple, traditional and romantic way of life. Amazingly, Catskill Farms has designed, built and sold 100 new old homes in Sullivan County and Ulster County over the past 11 years.  And now we are offering design services and homes for sale in Woodstock, NY and Saugerties, NY.

To be honest, we can’t take all the credit — country living is hard to beat, especially in a Catskill Farms cottage or farmhouse.  There is definitely something to be said for a kitchen with some elbow room, a yard to play around in, and, most importantly, some respite from the urban grind. We are excited to have survived the recession and provide these homes in Woodstock, Saugerties and Sullivan County, NY.

100 families.  32 Children.  At least 16 dogs (and an unknown number of cats, both domestic and feral).   Most of our customers had been house searching for several years before discovering this Catskills real estate opportunity; but once down the driveway or in the door it was — as they say — love at first sight. It doesn’t take long after the purchase for our homeowners to be brainstorming about how to ‘work from home’.

At Catskill Farms, we revisit the architecture and history of the Catskills area with our construction of country cottages and farmhouses — they are wholly inspired by the traditional building styles found in the Catskill real estate region. With new home construction eliminating any old home worries, you have the best of both worlds – a house that works, and a house with a soul.

Our Catskill homes — cottages and farmhouses — are only part of the fun. The Catskills don't just offer great real estate, but a way of life that includes hiking, biking, skiing, amazing mountains and great Sunday drives in and out of the valleys and small towns and hamlets like Saugerties, Woodstock, Barryville, Narrowsburg, Jeffersonville, Callicoon, Bethel, Livingston Manor.

Catskill Farms – A designer and builder of traditional homes, reinvigorating the architectural landscape of Sullivan County and Ulster County real estate.

Ranch 16, Sullivan County

3 bedroom, 3 bath lake front ranch for $525,000

Barn 9, Ulster County

3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 800 sf finished basement for $449,000

Farmhouse 36 , Ulster County

3 bedroom, 3 bath farmhouse for $434,000

Barn 3, Sullivan County

3 bedroom, 2 bath for $370,000

Barn 5

Our Barn Homes are inspired by the regional barns we pass everyday. 3-5 bedrooms. 1700+ sf.

Sheldon Hill Barn Interior

Barn 6 interior

Cottage 23

Our Cottages reflect the best of simple American Architecture. 900-1400 sf. 2 bedrooms.

Cottage 40 Interior

Cottage 36 Interior

Farmhouse 11

Our Farmhouse designs are familiar to design aficionados who like clean lines and wraparound porches. 1700 sf. 3-6 bedrooms.

Farmhouse 11 Interior

Farmhouse 20 Interior

Farmhouse 12

Farmhouse 28 Interior

Arts and Crafts (Farm 21), Four Square

These niche homes celebrate the 30's and 40's of American Architecture. 1600+ sf. 3-6 bedrooms.

Arts and Crafts 3 Interior

Arts and Crafts Farmhouse 21 Interior

Arts and Crafts 1 Interior

Arts and Crafts 3

Mid-Century Ranch 2

Cool mid century Ranch designs without breaking the bank. 900-1500 sf. Typically 2 bedroom with available basement space.

Ranch 2 Interior

Ranch 3

Ranch 3 Interior

Ranch 5

Ranch 5 Interior

Ranch 8

Ranch 9

Ranch 9 Interior

Micro Cottage 1

Mini Barns and Cottages are perfect low cost getaways with a ton of punch.

Micro Cottage 1 Interior

Shack 2

Shack 2 Woodstove

Mini Barn 2 SOLD

Mini Barn 2 Interior SOLD

Typewriter Collection