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The Catskill Farms, Providing Respite and Getaways for 20 Years

A Note from Chuck - May 6th, 2020
Owner's Blog

Most of our clients are sheltering in place in homes we built for them in Ulster, Sullivan, and Dutchess counties. They aren’t crammed in their city apartments; they are enjoying the sunny spring days, the backyards, and the nearby woods.

It’s a rewarding feeling to know that the comfort and value we’ve always provided, now provides, not only respite but real safety--both physical and mental.

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Our influences are the area’s architectural history, as well as influences our new buyers and new generations, are bringing with them to their Catskills real estate journey. Modern, country, industrial, or some blend of all the above, Catskill can do it, does do it. Every day for twenty years. No other company leaves their clients with so much money in their pockets while getting exactly what they desired from an upstate home. Simply put, the value we offer is hard, if not downright impossible, to match.

It’s no secret there just aren’t a lot of homes that inspire families to pull that buying trigger. After 20 years and 200 homes, Catskill Farms can confidently boast we’ve inspired amazing people to buy our humble new homes across Sullivan County, Dutchess County and Ulster County. Check out our Vimeo and YouTube channels to see some fun videos and learn more. We offer full design services as well.

We build homes that look good, emote strong and positive architectural feedback, and most importantly, our homes work. The roofs don't need work, the kitchen doesn't need to be replaced, the siding doesn't need painting - it's just move in, relax, and invite the family up.  They are fully warrantied and don't need any maintenance or require any non-discretionary projects for years.

Respecting the intelligence of our buyer has always been the secret behind our success, and most buyers can't believe we can offer our Sullivan County cottages for $340k, or our Ulster County barns for $480k, or our Rhinebeck farmhouses for $600,000 - move-in ready with even the patio barbecue. It just seems too good to be true. But it's not - it's what we do, and have been doing for two decades.

We began this design & build journey with inspiration directly from that Old American Home, which has always symbolized a simple, traditional, and romantic way of life. We reinvented Sullivan County real estate when we introduced our new old homes back in - dare I say it - 2003. From there we evolved our offerings with barn homes, modern homes, ranch homes, micro and mini homes, and the amazing mini-barns. 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms ranging from 700 sq ft to 5000 square feet on 4-10 acres.

At Catskill Farms, we revisit the architecture and history of the Catskills and classic American Design with our designs - they are wholly inspired by the designs found throughout the real estate in the Catskills. We've curated our favorites, added more windows, improved the energy efficiency, added some twists, and produced a remarkable home that fully satisfies a wide range of buyers of Catskills real estate.

We've created showcase websites for our home styles.

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