Catskill Farms Unveils New Affordable Cottage Series

I've been blogging for months about the demand for smaller, finely crafted homes with charm that are affordable. The inventory of existing homes that meet these criteria is very low, and most builders have been focusing their new construction on larger, more expensive homes. There's been this real gap. New construction in the $300,000 range has tended to be uninteresting suburban modular in style, and more interesting new construction has been in the $500,000 to $700,000 range.

Chuck Petersheim of Catskill Farms, who's built many of those beautifully detailed reproduction farmhouses in the $500,000 range, and I have been talking about this for a while. Now Chuck has decided to roll out a new series of more affordable, smaller cottages, with many of the same charming detailing that has made his Farmhouse series such a hit. The new Cottage Series features smaller houses, under 1,400 sq. ft., on 5 acre parcels at a price point right around $300,000. He already has two under contract, both of which sold before the foundations were even in the ground.

You can see the series here on the Catskills Farms website. But if you want to tour the sites, see what's already up, and yes, buy one ... please give me a call. After all, how I make my living is selling real estate, not just writing this blog and maintaining this website.

This is a great new product that I think meets a real need here. I'm thrilled that Chuck has decided to take a risk, that a builder can make a living by bringing smaller, more finely detailed homes to market.

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