Catskill Farms Increases Home Sales More than 1,000 Percent in Last Four Years

Eldred, NY - Catskill Farms, a thriving Sullivan County-based homebuilding business that constructs new weekend homes in the style of turn-of-the-century architecture, is approaching the completion of its 100th home and expanding into the nearby Ulster County towns of Woodstock and Saugerties, as more and more discerning home buyers look to purchase high-quality properties at considerable value.

With $5 million in revenues, Catskill Farms is growing at a rapid pace, increasing its business more than tenfold in the last four years, despite the troubled housing market.

Founder Charles Petersheim attributes his success to an unbeatable combination of high-quality product coupled with a vertically integrated business model that effectively cuts out the middle man. As developer, designer and sales broker, Catskill Farms is an extremely efficient operation, boasting a 36-percent profit margin, more than triple the industry average of 9.8 percent - which is eventually passed along as savings to the home buyer.

"This is really the ideal time to purchase a new home," Petersheim said. "At Catskill Farms, we offer home buyers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design their dream homes at truly affordable prices. It's the ultimate ‘buyer's market."

Even more unusual, buyers don't actually pay for the home until it's actually finished. Catskill Farms pays for the land and absorbs the cost to design and build the home according to personal specifications. Once the home is finished, the buyer completes the mortgage process and buys a turnkey, move-in ready property.

Petersheim, who maintains a six-month-long waiting list and continues to sell homes for more than he did prior to the collapse of the financial markets, argues that a recession is the best time to start a business because of the availability of affordable labor. Also, fledgling businesses will be more likely to offer a greater level of attention to their customers. Personalized service is a facet of every part of the Catskill Farms business model. Petersheim guides buyers through the entire design process - from selection of land to layout and design of home. He also personally handles all marketing for Catskill Farms, utilizing robust search-engine optimization, pay-per click advertising and social media to target a young, successful and creative-minded clientele.

Catskill Farms homes are not only well-made, attractive and extremely affordable, they also hold their resale value - although Pe-tersheim's buyers are primarily interested in purchasing homes to enhance their lifestyle. Out of all homes built and sold, only two Catskill Farms properties have been re-sold; and both sold for higher than the initial purchase price.

"This is the only company that is selling homes that are actually increasing in value," Petersheim said. "Many new homebuilders are not in tune with what their customers are telling them. We are constantly learning, evolving and enhancing our process to best meet our clients' wants and needs."

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