Catskill Farms Making a Mountain of Money in Them Hills

by Phil Butler

My reporting beat is usually investment, International real estate dealings, etc. Today though, I was sent a rather fascinating press release. A company called Catskill Farms seems to be defying all economic and even reason there in the mountains of New York. Oh, you didn’t know New York had mountains, did you? This is interesting, funny even, read on.

Okay, these guys at Catskill Farms say they increased sales by 1,000 percent in the last four years! Amid the worst recession in history, how can that be? This Sullivan County homebuilder may have hit a nerve, that’s how. Building weekend homes in them thar hills of NY may just be the boldest investment move we have heard of in years. Does anyone in New York City (or the surrounds) still have enough dough or credit to think about a weekend getaway? Evidently, some do. The group say they have made $5 million bucks off selling cutting edge, edgy little getaways, on the ledges of the famous Catskills. Let’s investigate.

Charles Petersheim, Founder of Catskill, says his company’s success is because of their “unbeatable combination of high-quality product coupled with a vertically integrated business” – I am not sure exactly what that means, sounds like press release fluff to me, but clearly the Catskills seem to be something of a bargain. And, Petersheim’s bottom line may not be fluff. Turnkey homes, pay when you take delivery, complete land-house custom packages – cheap labor! How’s that for transparency? The image below is from Catskill Farm’s Facebook images. The men featured are really “Hal the salvage wood guy, and Catskills Project Manager James – I could not help but poke some fun here.

“The best time to start a business may indeed, be during a depression.” Look at all those Dams and roads FDR got done back when! Okay, Petersheim may not have meant to be so honest about how his company trims its fat, so to speak, but facts are facts. The Catskills are beautiful, and property there can only be on discount like everywhere else in the US, right? Hire some out of work Manhattan refugees (Realtors maybe), toss in some peeps from South of the border, leverage some cash and buy out farmer Brown – BINGO!

Custom chalets at a fraction of the cost. Then engage people who work for the only people left with money, like George Soros or somebody. Okay, enough poking fun, leave the PR & marketing to our team or our network Charles (more chuckles), you keep making really nice properties like the one below.

Here’s more transparency from Catskills too, and I must say it looks like Petersheim is making a pickup truck load of money so far – the “Farm House” models are sold out. As for the press, Charles suggests the company garners what they call ” a young, successful and creative-minded clientele ” – using pay-per click advertising and social media. Oh really? Petersheim went on:

“This is the only company that is selling homes that are actually increasing in value. Many new homebuilders are not in tune with what their customers are telling them. We are constantly learning, evolving and enhancing our process to best meet our clients’ wants and needs.”

If’n you want more information about getting yourself one-a-dem mountain getaways, Charlie Petersheim says, give him a holler at 845-557-3600. Alternatively, the reader can reach out via his Facebook social media outlet – where someone is cranking out broadcasts about once a week (chuckle). You can also contact Catskill’s public relations firm, Hundred Stories, LLC via Founder Rob-in Dolch at 212-570-2700 – or their website here. Oh, I just discovered the company’s blog here, pretty dog gone nice too – get a better camera than the smart phone though Charles.

We leave you with Catskill Farms’ property listing, and a nice intro song by the late John Denver (a hint here Charles, unless you purchased the rights from Denver’s estate for commercial use there…) More mountain property news as it comes our way later on.

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